About SmartPack US

Why SmartPack? 

The terms active packaging, intelligent packaging, and smart packaging refer to packaging systems used with foods, pharmaceuticals, and several other types of products. They help extend shelf life, monitor freshness, display information on quality, improve safety, and improve convenience.

Intelligent and smart packaging usually involve the ability to sense or measure an attribute of the product, the inner atmosphere of the package, or the shipping environment. This information can be communicated to users or can trigger active packaging functions. Programmable matter, smart materials, etc can be employed in packages.

What brand owners want is a usable product that adds real value to their brand – without major on-cost – not just a technology or sub-component, or a product that is simply a short-term gimmick. They also want to see active and intelligent packaging developers collaborate, and seek input from design houses and packaging manufacturers, to evolve these total finished solutions.

In its second year, SmartPack– taking place September 16 – 17 in Chicago - is the first industry driven conference focused on collaboration and innovation to accelerate the commercial adoption of intelligent packaging. Over the course of two days, the entire packaging value chain will come together to discuss key innovations, industry growth and application advancements for manufacturers, retailers, brand owners and CPGs.

 Project Market Growth

In 2018, the combined active and intelligent packaging market value was projected to reach $5.68 billion with the active packaging market valued at $4.62 billion and the intelligent packaging market valued at $1.06 billion. 

The active packaging market alone is forecast to grow during 2018–23 at an annual average rate of 4.0% to $5.62 billion, with intelligent packaging growing by 12.7% per annum to $1.94 billion.

Combined, this market is forcasted to grow at an annual average rate of 5.9% to $7.56 billion duing 2018-2023. 

Packed with first-hand experience, leading brands and retailers will be sharing their insights, best practice and lessons learned on around the intergration of active and intelligent packaging. Through a mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions and thought-leadership, SmartPack US 2019 will help you to find solutions to your problems.