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Opening Remarks
Session I: Smart Packaging - Industry Updates
The Future of Active and Intelligent Packaging
Intelligent packaging is defined as packaging which contains an external or internal indicator to provide information about different aspects of the history of the packaging and/or the product within. Active packaging is defined as packaging with the addition of additives to the packaging substrate or within the packaging headspace itself. This presentation will provide insights on the market place and factors impacting demand for these growing, multi-billion-dollar markets, and a high level overview of:
  • What are the macro trends in this space, and how do they affect demand?
  • How is COVID impacting this market?
  • What is the global forecast for smart packaging?
  • What are the drivers of demand and how are these expected to evolve?
  • Where are the opportunities and threats?

Benjamin Trent | Managing Consultant, Smithers
What’s in a Name? Exploring The Differences Between Smart, Active, Intelligent, and Connected Packaging
Technology in the retail supply chain is evolving faster than it ever has. With new, emerging and disruptive technologies arriving in the market place every day, it can become overwhelming trying to decide where to “place your bets,” on the future of tech-enabled packaging. In this session, we will distinguish between the four types of digitally-enabled packaging as we discuss the nuts-and-bolts of each including driving technologies, real world applications and case studies. We will guide you through a virtual retail environment where you will gain insight into “Smart” packaging trends and benefits.
John Dwyer | Vice President of Digital Solutions, WestRock
Session II: Active Packaging
It's Time Your Supply Chain Talked Back
Meet the Wiliot moonshot: A computer the size of a postage stamp, loaded with processing power and sensors that can communicate location and environment, at a cost of pennies.

That's not packaging sci-fi.  That's packaging fact,  Wiliot's IoT Pixels and its "Sensing as a Service" platform deliver real-time visibility through the entire package and product journey.

Wiliot IoT Pixels use Bluetooth, making devices as common as smartphone a contributory node to Wiliot's Cloud Intelligence - giving every stakeholder the ability to track and monitor a product's location, temperature, contents, and more. This knowledge - never available in an automated and universal fashion before - has implications for efficiency;  waste reduction; anti-fraud efforts; deeper relationships with end-users; enhanced sustainability, and more.  Join us for the first time Wiliot's Sensing as a Service platform has been brought to the SmartPack Conference, and discover how it can shed new and important light on your product's journey.
Steve Statler | SVP Marketing & Business Development, Wiliot
Smart Cups: Saving the Planet with Printed Liquid-Less Products
Leading global companies continue to ship liquids across the world at a scale that is causing significant distress to the environment. The frequency and degree in which we transport these heavy liquids has harmful ramifications on the environment. 
Smart Cups has created patent-pending printing technology which allows the printing of ingredients on any surface. With this, we can print mouthwash, beverages, medications, micronutrients, detergent, cannabis etc. on any surface, eliminating the need to ship liquids from the manufacturer to the consumer and allowing companies to print and ship at a beverage volume of over 600%, by eliminating the liquid, when compared to traditional packaging. 
These applications allow for a reduction in storage/transportation requirements, trucks currently on the road and packaging for consumables, ultimately resulting in a reduction of the world’s overall resources. These applications also have the ability to encourage and assist all companies reach their eco-forward goals.
Chris Kanik | Founder & CEO, Smart Cups
Leveraging the Power of Active Material Science Technologies: Solving Challenges from Food Protection to Drug Stability
Innovations in active material science are enabling groundbreaking solutions for a wide range of challenges that impact consumer health and safety. Aptar’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology is the engine behind custom-engineered active packaging solutions that mitigate risk of foodborne illness in fresh cut produce and enhance stability of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drug products. From solutions that are effective in killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi to those that extend the shelf life or improve efficacy of drug products, medical devices, or even probiotics, active material science technologies play a significant role in protecting the food and health products you rely on every day. Join this presentation to learn how this unique material science technology works, discuss how it can be applied to solve complex problems associated with consumer health and safety, and explore how Aptar’s latest innovation in food protection technology can reduce the risk of outbreaks related to fresh cut foods.
Angela Morgan, PhD | Director of Business Development and Food Safety, Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection
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Session III: Technology for Smart Packaging
Flexible Hybrid Electronics - How Do We Add Value to the Packaging Ecosystem through Embedding Flexible Tags with High Functionality
Smart packaging can provide significant benefits to supply chains, brands or customers/patients. Many of these benefits such as reducing losses, improving security or enhancing customer engagement can be provided using printed codes such as QR or data matrix. However, depending on the value or the quantity of the goods you're packaging, or the level of protection they require (for example cold chain) there are a number of other options available. Choosing the right solution for your use case is important and where flexible hybrid electronics can be deployed to provide high volume solutions including sensing, data-logging and many types of wireless communications. Flexible hybrid electronics is a technology that brings together the thinness, flexibility and light-weighting provided by printed electronics to the high functionality of standard PCB electronics. It provides a solution that can be high volume, highly functional and support cost sensitive solutions embedded into many types of packaging. The presentation will give an overview of the different drivers for active and intelligent packaging and link these to the appropriate potential technology solutions highlighting the factors needed in the decision making process. The talk will give examples of where printed or flexible hybrid electronics gives the unique features required for the intended use case and will describe what can be achieved with this emerging technology. The talk will show why now is the time for smart packaging to shine and how together we can develop an intelligent packaging ecosystem of the future.
Alex Cole | Head of Strategic Marketing, CPI
Panel: Branding for the Future
This panel will address anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, brand protection, circular economy and potential concerns from companies within the e-commerce space. We will take a look into what is being worked on now, and what we can envision in the years to come.

Panelists Include:
  • Navjeet Chhina | CEO, Genius Ventures Inc.
  • Dr. Nathalie Muller | Head of Innovation, MagVision
  • Jenny Stanley | Managing Director, Appetite Creative
  • Salisha Fingerhut | Market Development Manager,
  • Steve Statler | SVP of Marketing and Business Development, Wiliot
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Brand Protection Through Inkjet Printing & Conventional Printing
Preventing counterfeiting and diversion is a huge business priority globally and one in which packaging plays a crucial role. Secure packaging is essential to minimize losses and protect the reputation of both brand owner and health and safety of the consumer.

Innovative Intelligent brand protection strategies can be incorporated either through Digital Printing or Conventional Printing. Digital Print enables print providers to deliver packaging in unique and cost-effective ways. Make readies are eliminated, run lengths reduced and variable data can be integrated into the printed piece with overt and covert marks/codes for brand protection and consumer engagement. Conventional Printing such as offset, dry offset, metal deco, flexo and gravure can also deliver overt and covert codes/marks as well and bar/QR code technology but without the variable data component. This type of printing is cost effective as well when certain substrates and run lengths are concerned.

Michael Brice | Vice President of Sales and Business Development, INX International
Keith Goldstein | Chief Operating Officer, VerifyMe
Vaccine Cold Chain Tracking – NFC Temp Tracker
Using Technology to Drive the Refill Revolution
Learn about Algramo's efforts to use technology, smart packaging and business model innovation to help drive the reuse revolution. A movement that seeks to refill the future, by replacing 20% of single-use packaging with reusable packaging so we can keep packaging in the economy and out of the environment.
Brian Bauer | Circular Economy & Institutional Partnerships Manager, Algramo
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Session IV: AR in the World of Smart Packaging
Intro to AR in Packaging
  • What is AR
  • What's the difference between AR and VR
  • The evolution of AR in packaging: the past, where we are today, the future
  • What are the benefits of AR / The psychology of AR / The ability for AR to supercharge commerce, content and customer engagement
  • How can AR for packaging be accessed (Web, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat)
  • Examples of AR for packaging in different verticals (Visuals, links to experiences for the audience to try)
  • The metrics and KPI's brands are looking to measure
  • Why AR must align with organizational objectives to create successful campaigns

Navjeet Chhina | CEO, Genius Ventures Inc
The Massive Opportunity of WebAR
From product education to interactive storytelling, augmented reality is bringing packaging to life. This new way to engage with consumers is demonstrating real results from significant on-pack scans, meaningful engagement times and proven lift in purchase. And with web-based augmented reality, this can all be achieved with no app required. In this talk, Tom Emrich, Augmented Reality Pioneer and VP of Product at 8th Wall, the leader in WebAR development, will talk about the massive opportunity of WebAR including a look at the tech, case studies and use cases for retailers, brands and CPGs including highlighting reported results from in-market WebAR experiences.
Tom Emrich | VP of Product, 8th Wall
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Opening Remarks
Session V: Material Science & Intelligent Packaging Design
Design2RecycleTM: Magnetizable Inks for Recyclable Packaging
  • Sorting packaging is a key bottleneck limiting value capture in recycling
  • Printable magnetizable inks are a plug-n-play design solution enabling separation by complementing magnets used in plastics recycling
  • Magnetizable inks for plastics separation: Technology demo
  • Case Study: Magmark SS inks resolving issues around shrink sleeves in PET recycling (Industry pilot partner: PepsiCo)

Ravish Majithia | Founder & CEO, Magnomer
Innovation & Sustainability On The World’s Most Penetrated Brand
Hear an overview of Colgate's innovation and sustainability achievements with a focus on our development of the first recyclable toothpaste tube, our approach to sharing the technology to drive critical mass and the partnerships we created to help us get there.
Liz Mellone | Worldwide Director, Packaging Innovation, Colgate Palmolive Company
Networking Break
Session VI: Working Session – Current Challenges and Gaps within the Packaging Industry
Breakout Topic Tables - Addressing Challenges and Gaps Within the Packaging Industry
Attendees can break into “interest groups” with moderated tables of current challenges – the choice of an in-person table or virtual table based on your conference attendance. 2-3 tables will have a topic/challenge where there could be new solutions, innovations and opportunities. 30 Minutes for breakout topics and followed by 1-hour panel with moderators from each table (virtual and in-person included together) and open to Q&A/discussion with the audience.

Topic 1

  • Brand Protection – Focusing on counterfeit solutions and supply chain improvements necessary to move the industry forward

Topic 2

  • Discussion revolving around packaging solutions that utilize smart packaging but don’t negatively impact recyclability
Panel of Moderators and Open Discussion with Audience
This panel discussion (virtual and in-person) will unite the assigned moderators from each topic table to open up a wider dialogue about the topics that were discussed - including Q&A with the audience.
Lunch Break
Session VII: Partnerships Advancing the Industry
Next Generation of Supply Chain Traceability
Envision a supply chain with all its legacy technology but operating as a common database that all participants can access, read and write to! An open source computing platform that provides consensus giving the supply chain a single version of the truth. This is blockchain, and this talk will give an overview of this technology and focus on what industries are utilizing this technology today.
Rory O'Sullivan | CEO, The Grain Discovery
Extending Smart Packaging to Everyday Pharma
Join us to explore the world of smart packaging and the impact it has on everyday Pharma and Healthcare Applications. During this session we will cover the following topics:
  • IoT Meeting Wellness
  • COVID-19 and the Impact it Has Made on Going Contactless
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Comparison of NFC to Traditional 2D Technologies
  • Making Healthcare Simpler, Smarter and Safer

Amir Khoshniyati | General Manager and Vice President, Transponder Business , Identiv
Session VIII: Customer Experience Packaging
Think Outside the Box
Transform packaging into a dynamic digital consumer experience
  • Tell your story directly to consumers in-store, at-home and beyond with smart packaging
  • Protect your brand and consumers with secure product authentication
  • Drive DTC sales with Product Commerce
  • Go circular with supply chain tracking and reverse logistics powered by smart packaging / Products
  • Get real-time product insights previously limited to digital channels and stop relying on third party data.

Ian Clough | Director of Growth, Blue Bite
Tomorrow's Smart Reusable Packaging is Here
What will it take to get us out from under our single-use packaging problem? We'll explore how the customer centric approach to LimeLoop's reusable smart packaging changes not only the way we look at the unboxing experience, but also supply chain logistics as a whole.
Chantal Emmanuel | CTO, Co-Founder, LimeLoop
Digital Printing Enhancing the Consumer Experience
Closing Remarks & Conclusion of Conference