Day 2 - September 12, 2019

Day 2 | September 12, 2019

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Session IV: Smart Packaging for Optimized Consumer Engagement

Moderator: TBD

  1. Unlocking the POWER of Your Products -- Giving Brands the Control they need to Compete

    Curt Schacker | Executive Vice President & General Manager of EVRYTHNG

    Customer relationships are threatened by new channels and agile, digitally savvy competitors. Weak supply chain visibility is causing financial losses and lack of responsiveness to changing customer needs and values.

    Brands need a way to:

    • Build direct-to-consumer relationships through product engagement
    • Understand how, where, and when their products are being used
    • Keep pace with consumer demands for transparency, personalization, and sustainability
    • Level the first-party data playing field

    Our speaker will share how leading-edge consumer product brands are addressing these needs head-on -- regaining control of the supply chain and engaging directly with customers through connected packaging. Quite literally, creating products born digital -- unleashing the full power of mass-scale product digitization to make every product active, intelligent and trackable.

  2. PANEL: Optimizing Branding and Consumer Engagement with Smart Innovations

    Panelists include: HP, Jabil Packaging Solutions & more to come!

    This panel will provide high-level strategic perspectives on how smart packaging can help brand owners to:

    • Differentiate their brand from the competition
    • Simultaneously learn about consumer habits
    • And identify what makes their target market want to buy a specific product

    Moderator: Matthew Bright, Chair, Retail & Payment Working Group, NFC Forum

    • Amanda Williams, Smart Packaging Lead, Jabil Packaging Solutions

    • David Murphy, Worldwide Director of Marketing & Business Development, Hewlett Packard
  3. Presentation to be Confirmed

    Speaker from Thinfilm Electronics

  4. A Holistic Approach to Smart E-Commerce Packaging

    Amanda Williams | Smart Packaging Lead of Jabil Packaging Solutions

    Digitally savvy consumers and the channels that serve them have created upheaval for established brands in consumer-packaged goods. But this shifting landscape presents some promising opportunities to reshape brands' relationship with their consumers.

    How to source and manage data for customer intimacy
    Creating a great end to end experience, from product use, to ordering, to unboxing, and back again
    When is "engagement" actually a bad thing?

  5. Networking Break

Session V: Smart Packaging Developments for Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: TBD

  1. Smart Packaging Developments for Pharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities

    Panelists Include: Abbott, West Pharmaceutical Services, TemperPack Technologies Inc.

    Moderator: TBC

    • Swanand Kullarwar, Senior Packaging Engineer, Abbott
    • Chris Evans, Vice President, Global Innovation, West Pharmaceutical Services
    • Brian Powers, Co-Founder, CEO, TemperPack Technologies Inc.

    For the next five years, active and intelligent packaging market size is likely to grow at 8.2 % CAGR, with smart packaging being a major growth driver for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Our panelists will provide their thoughts on progress and challenges relating to pharma smart packaging:

    • Adoption progress being made across the pharmaceutical industry as a whole
    • The key challenges faced by early adopters
    • The pharma approach to scaling up manufacturing processes to drive fast adoption
    • Thoughts on what role smart pack could play in pharma in the next 5 years
  2. Axia Research Institute: Smart Packaging Solution to Prevent Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs

    Dr. Bahar Aliakbarian | Research Associate Professor (Department of Supply Chain Management and the School of Packaging) of Axia Institute, Michigan State University

    The aim of this flexible smart packaging solution is to prevent misuse and abuse of prescription drugs and to enhance item-level traceability and medication adherence system. This solution is a combined platform of smart sensor-enabled software and anti-tampering features that are integrated into the existing pharmaceutical packaging.

  3. The Value of Smart Packaging Technologies in Cold Chain Monitoring

    Marcin Pilarz | CEO of Talkin Things

    • How RFID/NFC technology can bring value in cold chain monitoring
    • Speaker will describe how to check temperature of whole pallet in less than 30 seconds
    • Learn how to measure temperature at each step of supply chain, from production up to consumer
    • How you can find ROI using Smart Packaging

Session VI: Advancements in Active Packaging

Moderator: TBD

  1. Wireless Power and Printed Circuitry in Packaging and Labeling Applications

    Eric Biel | Principal Electrical Engineer of Powercast Corporation

    Necessity for differentiation in the consumer retail space continues to grow in demand, as does integration of new technology into the packaging space.  While flashing lights and interactive packaging garner attention, these technologies are only as valuable as the lifespan of their batteries. In this session, we will cover:

    • Wireless power harvesting in the consumer and retail space
    • LEDs, updating of bi-stable screens, and remote power for in-store displays
    • Utilization of existing RFID infrastructure to enable wirelessly powered devices
    • Ultra-thin integration techniques and battery recharging
  2. Closing Remarks and Farewell